Superannuation TPD Claim

Are you no longer able to work due to an injury or disability? You may be able to make a Total Permanent Disability Claim under your Super Policy.

What is it?

A predominate number of Super Fund policies in Australia have the inclusion of a Death Benefit, which is a payment of a sum to your elected Beneficiary or Estate upon your death. Many policies also include cover for Total & Permanent Disability, which is a payment to you during your lifetime if you can satisfy the Super Fund that you suffer from a Total & Permanent Disability and can no longer work.

How do I know if I’m covered?

Each year your Super Fund will send you a copy of your Annual Statement. This statement will include your Account’s activities for the prior Financial Year, any updates to your policy and the balance of your account. You should be able to find out if you’re covered for a TPD Claim by reviewing your Annual Statement, however sometimes it isn’t there and you’ll need to contact your Super Fund for a copy of the policy documents. We can help you with gaining a copy of and understanding your Super Policy.

I’m covered, Can I make a Claim?

Whether your TPD Claim will be successful or not depends entirely upon the terms of the your Superannuation Policy. The requirements which need to be satisfied apply on an ad-hoc basis, which differs depending upon the fund and individual. The following general requirements do apply:

  • Level of Disability 

You have to be able to demonstrate that you are suffering from a Disability that at a minimum prevents you from returning to you job or finding alternative employment. 

      • Employment History 

Some policies require that you work a minimal period of time for the cover to apply. This can be both in the form of the amount of years you’ve work, but also the amount of hours worked per week. Some policies of cover differ depending on whether you were employed full time or part time.

        • Cooling Off Period  

Almost all policies have a cooling off period between the time when you started, to the time when you can claim. You have to check the policy prior to claiming to confirm your injury didn’t occurred during the cooling off period.

How can we help?

We offer an obligation free initial 20 Minute Consultation to assess your case and determine if you have a viable Claim. If you do have a viable Claim and would like us to represent you, we can then proceed to lodge the Claim with your Super fund and manager the Claim process on your behalf.

We also off innovative billing structures to Clients on an ad-hoc basis. Contact us now to find out more.